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Tourismusverein Vogelparkregion Recknitztal e. V.

Jimmy Gee



Guitar Hero Of His Time

Multi-instrumentalist Jimmy Gee, born in Northern Germany, discovered his love for music at the age of 11, with "Help" from John Lennon, founder member of the Beatles.

From that moment on, he has lived his art.

Only like few other musicians, he knows, how to embody his music on stage.

Jimmy Gee

Jimmy Gee

His excellent technical ability and his high degree of perfection both as singer and guitarist come together to make one of Germany's best musicians. In 2013, his talent and dedication was recognized with the title of Germany's best guitarist.

Jimmy is far beyond being an insider's tip around Germany and Europe. Even outside of Europe, people have already taken notice of this exceptional talent. His reputation as not only a top rank guitarist, but also as an outstanding songwriter preceded him. Many well-known musicians and producers have recognized the uniqueness of Jimmy Gee and collaborated with him.

Trying to describe his music with words, is a lost cause. From soulful ballads to hard rock hymns, there is truly something for everyone.

Experience Jimmy Gee and Band live and let them rock you right!

Jimmy Gee


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