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Twins Of June


Singer-Songwriter Duo from Denmark

The twin brothers, who forms the band Twins Of June, have had great succes already from the beginning of their career. Shortly after their debute EP 'Memories' was realesed in 2015, it went number #1 on Itunes' Singer/songwriter chart in Denmark. Their latest single 'Out of Time' went number #2 on the same chart after it was realesed in 2016. Radio stations have seen the sparkling potential Twins Of June contains, and their music has been played on different radio channels in their homecountry and other countires as well. Twins of June does not only deliver high quality music, but they take you with them on a journey through their sensitive and musical univers, which beautifully describe the up's and downs in life. The music is inspired by artists of the nowadays Singer/Songwriter and Folk genre, but at the same time Twins Of June deliver their music with a perfect twist of their own original sound. They are currently recording their debut album.

Twins Of June 
Twins Of June

Get to know the talented brothers better, here:

Facebook: Twins Of June

Spotify: Twins Of June

Twins Of June


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